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Almost Done with the Latest Project

This is actually something I got roped into because I was retired and one of my daughters got a job directing a youth theater group. Of course I was happy for her, but then I realized that they did not really provide her with a budget to do any of the stuff that she needed to do. You have to have a set and it has to look like various venues. I got to build the sets and I was fine with the woodwork. You just get a scroll saw and find a pattern. I had to find excellent stuff for the sound effects. In particular this play has a train in it, the people are waiting on a train at some point and then the train comes. It chugs up and blows it’s horn of course. I do not think that the audience would have enjoyed it if I done what I had planned initially, because I actually knew a guy who had a train horn.

He is this old guy who used to work in a train yard some place up North. He apparently kept a few things off old locomotives that were wrecked or something. Read more…

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Great Time on the Bus!

Toronto Airport Limo Service | Toronto Airport LimousineI get sick every single time I have to take a bus, or at least I used to when I was a kid. I have not been on a bus in so long so when my husband told me that he wanted to get a party bus for our wedding day I told him that he was crazy. Why would I want to get into a bus on my day? The coach buses made me so sick and you can not open up a door so that sounded like a crazy idea to me and my mom even laughed when I told her that is what he wanted to do. I was going to go for a ride with him to the limo company to see what this type of bus actually looked like. It looked like a really big limo that was just taller, I knew that I would not get sick especially since I was going to be with all of my bridesmaids and groomsmen.

My family thought it was a good idea as I do not like to sit in the back seat of a car so I would not want to waste my money on a limo that was going to get me sick. Plus, I would have to sit in the front with the driver and that would completely defeat the purpose with the limo and me bringing my husband. My parents were paying for it and they had to make sure that they would be able to accommodate all of those that wanted to go in the limo with us. It was going to be a lot of fun and we could not wait until our special day and experience everything that our future was going to offer us, I was so very excited.

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Top Quality Toronto Limo Services

I am going to be getting married to the man of my dreams in a couple of weeks, and I am trying to make the final preparations for our wedding. I have most everything set up exactly how I want it, but there are still a few loose ends that need to be taken care of. Right now, I need to find a toronto limo service to hire a limo from, because my future husband and I had previously discussed renting a limo to take us from the location of the wedding ceremony and reception service, to the hotel where we will be spending our honeymoon.

I think that is a good idea, and it would make for the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding. I have spent a few months trying to put together the most beautiful wedding service that I could possibly imagine.

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How To Save Money On Vehicle Expenses

As you well know, saving money on a consistent basis is a key to financial security and motor vehicles can be quite a money drainer!

If you are looking for a great deal on buying a car, or simply to save money on vehicle expenses, be sure to check out the useful information below, courtesy of www.rateyourdriveaustralia.com

Saving on vehicle expenses

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Enhancing Your Truck Lifting

trucklift spindlesTruck owners these days like to experiment with the height of their rigs, oftentimes for perceived enhanced performance, but more often just for visual appeal. Some would like to assert some sort of individuality – they don’t want their truck to look too much like any other person’s, or they just like the smoother ride. Some want to intimidate, while some just want to impress.

So they modify and lift, change and tweak. Some just want a little lift for slightly bigger truck wheels you find in BMF Wheels, while some get major lifts for a really tall ride with badass wheels. And big wheels do make trucks look rougher, and tougher. There are different ways of creating lift and these can be combined with each other too for a custom lift.

Change to bigger tires. But if there’s a big difference between the new tires and the ones your truck had when it left the factory, you need some lift to make room for the change in diameter. That additional lift can be provided by spacers and lift spindles (try MaxTrac Suspension), or one of the options following below:

Tinker with torsion. Tightening with a few twists in the torsion them can raise them a little higher. The main hassle in this method is that it may be difficult to get everything balanced and level with the torsion bars – you might end up with a tilt or pitch in your truck. To get things perfect, the use of torsion keys, is recommended. Or you can just get a torsion kit.

Lift the body. This means elevating the body of your truck above its frame, usually using blocks and spacers. It’s an easy lift and doesn’t change anything else.

Do a little leveling. Sometimes you don’t get the load that your vehicle is meant to have – you might have a lot less or a lot more, which makes either the front higher or lower than the rear. Leveling kits have all you need to make the adjustments to make sure you have a level ride.

Lift the frame. As opposed to the previous option, a frame lift raises the frame as well as the body. This means overhauling the entire suspension system of the truck, coils, shocks and all. These parts comprise that that aftermarket set of parts called suspension lift kits.

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Providing Transportation to Your Daycare

Car Insurance Quotes OnlineAs a day care operator I have found one way to get more business is to provide transportation to and from school for students. Just like a real school does I have my own mini bus but it is really a small 15 passenger van. I have to find cheap car insurance so I put it on the same policy as my car.

People use day care because they are short on time so if I can pick up some of the kids myself that saves them even more time. Most people still choose to pick up and drop off their own children but I do pick up a few kids in the morning and drop some off later in the day as well.

The parents pay a bit extra for this service and I get more kids in my day care than I would otherwise. They might use a closer daycare or not be able to get one at all and use a sitter or something instead if I did not save them time by picking up their kids for them and taking them home too. I did get a little extra liability insurance for this just to be on the safe side in case there ever is an accident though I do not drive far and am very careful.

I may hire someone to do the driving for me if it gets even more popular because I wont have time to drive many more children and still run my day care. This is a good thing however. I do not mind expanding as long as I am making enough money to cover all the costs.

I would advise anyone with a day care to consider transportation for the children in their care. This will give them an edge over the competition.

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Advice for How to Sell Your Car

Aladdin American Stubby Swimrite 850002 Short B-32When the time comes and you’re ready to sell a car which you have been driving for awhile, there any many things you can do to make your used car look more marketable to potential buyers. There is a lot of competition out there, and if you are able to stand out in the market of cars for sale than you might get more money for it than you originally though.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is go online and look at classifieds for similar cars by make and year. You are going to want to come up with a price that is in the sweet spot of not being too high but not too low either. Consider listing your car for a slightly higher price than you really want it to sell for, that way you can tell potential buyers that you’re willing to come down in price and make a notable looking offer to them.

The price point is also crucial. While dealerships usually sell a car for an uneven amount such as $15,995, doing the same when you sell your car privately can come off as misleading. This is one situation where you don’t want to look like a car dealer and come across as being honest instead, so it’s best to use round numbers.

Make sure you’re car is looking the best it can for showings. Just like an open house where you make sure everything is clean before potential buyers come in, do the same to the car. Keep it washed and clean, make sure the interior is vacuumed without clutter, and dust off the dash boards. It will make it look like you put care into your car, and the buyer will feel like the car has been maintained in good condition.

By following these tips you’ll have an advantage over most people when it comes time to sell a car.

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Need to Rent a Big Van? Some Things to Consider!

You may not think that there is a lot that needs to go into renting a 15 passenger van, but depending on the occasion, there are a lot of things you need to consider before renting the first one you find.

What kind of a van you end up renting depends largely on the occasion that you are using it for.  There are many different options for many different uses.  This article will list some of the different expectations you should have in your rental van, depending on your need for it.

Do you need a mode of transportation for your wedding party, and don’t want to pay the high costs of a limo or a trolley?  A 15 passenger van could be quite ideal for this use!  In this particular case, the color of the van might be something you should consider.  Also, another consideration to have would be music options.  The wedding party is definitely going to want to have fun and listen to music as you make your way to photo stops and then the reception!  Renting a van equipped to play your own music via an MP3 player can make it that much more special to you as well!  Also, inquire from the rental place on whether or not they can add some extra decorations for you as well, that would add an extra special touch!

Maybe you are renting the van for a family trip.  In this case, maybe you would be looking for a passenger van with good gas mileage, as well as plenty of room for you and your family, as well as all of the luggage.  Plus, putting those miles on your own personal vehicle for a family road trip will be wear and tear that you will definitely pay for down the line.  Why not save the miles on your car, and rent a larger passenger van for your travels!

Two other things to consider:  cost and insurance.  Depending on the event you need the van for, maybe you do not have a lot of money to work with.  Do your best to make sure that the rental company you use has good marks and reviews, as well as offering the best price.  Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option if you can avoid it, because you don’t quite know what you will get when you haven’t done your homework.  Insurance is also a strong factor in renting a van as large as this.  If your insurance company will not cover this type of vehicle, check with the rental company to see what options they have for insurance on not only the vehicle, but the passengers themselves.  It is very important, as well as the law to have insurance on any vehicle you drive, so know the facts before renting.

Whatever your occasion, a 15 passenger van could turn out to be the best option out there!  You can really do a lot with a van of that size, and the rental places most definitely will help you make the most of your occasion!

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